London-based illustrator and designer Kate Moross is best known for her distinctive doodles and squiggles. For her collaboration with UNIQLO, the self-confessed Disney Fan applied her signature touch to T-shirt designs. Kate takes the magic and joy of Mickey and Minnie and reinterprets it in a way that still remains relevant and fresh.




Growing up, you’d definitely be familiar with Mickey Mouse and his cheery smile beaming at you. And despite the fact that he’s instantly recognisable globally, the LOVE & MICKEY MOUSE COLLECTION has found a new way to make you fall in love again with the most famous mouse on earth.




The collection comprises of eight delightful designs for Women and five for Kids. But don’t let the categories fool you, the artist has mentioned that it is a unisex collection.




Kate puts her trademark style to work, notably through her dynamic monochrome treatments of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse and drawings incorporating playful lettering for a perfect street style look, on thick material and colorful variants.




This tee is a perfect example of Kate’s design. The pocket features the illustrator’s iconic typography, where the Disney characters are portrayed through words rather than pictures. Specifically, the pocket has words like “Mickey,” “Wow,” and “Yippee,” which is Mickey’s go-to exclamation.




Known for her signature typographic illustration and freeform lettering style, Kate has designed shoes, tote bags, water bottles and product packaging bottles for notable brands, like Kiehl’s in 2013 and adidas in 2012. She will speak at the Forward Festival Vienna in April.