Unitedprint.com SE has just recently launched their new website Easyprint Design, which allows you to create designs online and immediately sell your templates to Unitedprint. This program has an initial budget of € 100,000 to be paid out to participating designers. We spoke with Stephan Lerchl, Brand Manager of Easyprint, to learn more about the program and the idea behind it.

Can you give us some details on how creatives can earn money with your new portal?
With Easyprint Design we want to invite open-minded and creative people to use our FreeDesign®-Editor in order to create great design templates for our Easyprint-Shop and sell them to us. All of it is free of expenses or requirements. As soon as a design proposal is accepted by us, the designer gets paid and the template is available in our library.


Which target group does Easyprint address?
Our new Easyprint-Shop was released in its beta version just recently. It offers an attractive and wide range of products in our categories print, photo, textile, promo, packaging. These products are especially suitable for smaller companies, families and for private use. Our customers take advantage of first-class professional design templates for their tailor-made needs. This can be business stationery with business cards and letterheads or flyers, posters and roll-ups as advertising material.


What does the commission depend on?
Each design is reviewed by us with regard to its aesthetics, creativity, originality and the number of products it can be used for. There is no limit to the number of designs that can be submitted. We offer our designers two options on how they want to get paid, which they can choose from for each design submitted. Either Easyprint purchases the designs for a one-time fixed amount, based on the scope of use of the design, or our designers choose a success-based scheme, where the fee is based on the results of the products sold in our Easyprint Shop.


In addition to a design budget of € 100,000, you have invested a lot of energy in Easyprint Design and Easyprint itself – both portals that set new standards in the global WtP market in terms of strategy, design, usability and scalability. Can you briefly explain what makes Easyprint so unique from your point of view?
With our Easyprint Design, we have released a creative platform on which design templates for products in our Easyprint Shop can be created very easily and made available to our customers. From this point on, our customers take over their individual design and personalisation process for their desired product. With our Easyprint Design, we activate the global “swarm creativity” from which designers and customers alike benefit. By the way, we are especially proud of our self-developed FreeDesign® Editor.


Although the advantages it generates are obvious for everyone, this approach is completely new. That’s what we call innovation. What makes your FreeDesign® Editor so special?
First of all, our FreeDesign® Editor is absolutely barrier-free and available online 24/7 without any registration. With FreeDesign®, we combine the professional standards of experienced designers with simple intuitive usability for non-professionals – and all this with an extraordinary range of functions. And we are confident that our FreeDesign® Editor will provide both professional designers and absolute laymen with a familiar environment in which they can quickly feel at home in their creative process. From the very beginning, our main goal in developing FreeDesign® was to provide a particularly positive user experience with high productivity and to help both designers and customers reach their goal as quickly and easily as possible.



For freelancers and other creative professionals, it is often quite costly to register with portals if they want to earn money there. What’s it like with Easyprint Design?
Registering with Easyprint Design is very simple and completely free. All we need is some basic user data. After that it can take less than 24 hours from the first design to the payment of the commission. That sounds quite simple and that’s exactly what it is.


Is Easyprint also available internationally?
Of course – think global, design and order local! Our Easyprint Design is available globally and our Easyprint portal for our customers was rolled out in over 20 European countries right from the start.


It all sounds very exciting! We wish you success and thank you for this interesting interview!
With pleasure. And if any of your readers still have suggestions, questions or comments, please feel free to contact me directly at any time (stephan.lerchl@easyprint.com).