For quite some time now, legend Stefan Sagmeister is offering his Instagram-platform to aspiring and established creatives from various fields.


We assume that you all already know design-icon Stefan Sagmeister who usually needs no further introduction, but for those who don’t: He is a two-time Grammy winner, has received almost every major international design award and has designed for clients such as the Rolling Stones, HBO and the Guggenheim Museum.



If you scroll through the designer’s account, you will hardly find a post about an artwork he has done himself. That is because he keeps asking his community to send him their artworks in order to be posted on his account and to get a review by the master himself.



No matter what your genre is; if graphic design, product design, illustration, animation, typography, … Stefan reviews anything very honest and since he is very multidisciplinary himself, many creatives have turned to him already.



For his brand new talk, which will premiere at the online edition of this year’s Forward Festival Munich on March 12th and 13th, he will pick submissions and describe what is good, what should be improved, what he loves and what he loathes. If you want to be part of his talk yourself and seize the chances to be presented to a large worldwide audience, submit YOUR artwork until March 1st 2021 to Find all specifications for the submission below, we are very much looking forward to all your amazing work!



Here are some of our favourite artworks from Stefan Sagmeister’s Instagram; always remember: This could be yours!





Your submission must be a square .jpeg or .mov file (1100x1100px) on white or black background. Always include your IG address. Please do not send in designs based on the work of another designer. ⁠


Don’t miss Stefan Sagmeister live at our Online Festival on March 12th-13th!