Wix Playground presents Elise & Yani

Together with Wix Playground, we gave away one speaker slot to two young and inspiring designers.


Elise Chastel is a self-taught graphic designer and illustrator who actually studied political science. Today, as an art director, she continues to combine her passion for design and activism. She is the art director of DADDY Magazine, a Berlin-based publication that empowers marginalised voices who are so often misrepresented in the mainstream media landscape.
DADDY started off online, but in 2020, the first ever printed issue was released. With the work of many writers, editors and artists, it explores the theme of togetherness, both in its words and visuals. The design reflects its content: bold, free, outspoken and fun. In this talk, we will chat about design, diversity, and the exciting struggles of publishing a magazine for the first time.


Yani is a Berlin-based creative from Manila who’s into advertising, analog things and cheap coffee. Climate change makes the sea level rise. As a result, many sports venues will be at risk of flooding by 2050. So to tell sports fans about the problem, we made the goals, nets, baskets, and tables unreachable. In short, we spoiled the game to help save the planet.


Wix Playground values creative education and supports young, emerging designers in their journey to build successful careers. By partnering with Forward Festival, a two-day celebration of creativity and design, they are able to support young creatives in the first steps of their career and give them a chance for the spotlight on the big stage. Learn more about opportunities to kick-start your creative career at Wix Playground Academy.


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