Katrin Oeding // ADC

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ADC Seminar about Corporate Identity



Corporate Identity is the totality of the characteristics that characterize a company and distinguish it from others. For example, the “Stop The Water While Using Me” series made it into international luxury hotels and pop-up shops. Only a profound self-image of one’s own brand with its attitude, its distinguishing features and its goals in the market makes a company competitive – both internally and externally. Today, brands have to assert themselves in a highly dynamic and hectic environment. In the ADC seminar “Corporate Identity” Katrin Oeding, gives insights into the process of developing a corporate identity. From brand personality, differentiation features, naming, and visualization to a presentation.


Katrin Oeding is an award-winning designer and jury member of the largest international creative festivals. Her work has been awarded more than 300 national and international prizes for creativity, design and product development.

She has developed strategic creative concepts and holistic solutions for international brands such as Audi, Sixt, Rene Lezard, Lamborghini and Telekom.

Since 2011, Katrin Oeding works with her international design solution manufactory Studio Oeding to develop brand strategies, corporate identities and designs for brands, products and companies as well as solutions for costumes such as Nivea, About You, Closed, Blume 2000, Lego, Aldi, and Mercedes. Their work is conceptually, substantially and consistently.


Katrin Oeding always lives by the motto: The world belongs to the brave!