AKQA // David Vogel

  • Hamburg 2019 / Millerntor Stadion / Main Stage
  • Munich 2019 / Alte Kongresshalle / Forward Stage
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AKQA is one of the most successful and renowned agencies of the world. The company specializes in innovation and experience design.


David Vogel has been at AKQA for 5 of those years, leading the Experience Design practice for Europe. A regular public speaker at events such as Awwwards, FITC, and TEDx, David continues to explore and explain how UX will change the world.


In his talk, David will list 7 principles for designing the future. Taking us through the stages of a recent business transformation project, he will explain how AKQA helped Siemens shift its focus from energy efficiency to human efficiency, using sensors and software to create Smart Spaces that increase productivity, health, and wellbeing.