Erica Dorn

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Erica Dorn is a graphic designer and illustrator. Having started her career in traditional advertising and branding contexts, she now works in cinema, working closely with directors and production designers to create bespoke visual worlds for the silver screen.


The title of her talk at Forward Festival 2019 is:


Creating tiny Worlds: Graphic design for Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs


Erica will go “behind the scenes” of the two-year production of Isle of Dogs, talking through the process of designing typography for props, sets, and supertitles, starting with understanding the role of the graphic in the film, through to research, design and the revision process. She will describe what a typical day on set is like, what it means to collaborate with an auteur like Wes Anderson, favourite graphics, most difficult moments and specific insights on the world of stop-motion animation and miniatures compared to a live-action film.