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Too many devices! Design thinking for the future from the Google Ambient Labs Team


As the number of connected devices in our daily lives increases, designers are faced with new challenges. How to approach all these form factors? All these interaction methods? All these device combinations? Across all these usage contexts?


Google’s Ambient Labs team is exploring what all of this means for the future, and how, as creatives, we can help enable natural, compelling and trustworthy experiences for people to use everyday. We’ll share some of our processes for predicting the future of UX and brand design, and how as a small team we are able to influence strategy at a company like Google.


Thomas Moltoni, Creative Director of Google’s Ambient Labs, has been working at the intersection of design and technology for over 15 years, leading design initiatives at Native Design, Nokia and Aether Things prior to joining Google in 2014.

Brad Aldridge, Visual Design Lead at Google’s Ambient Lab, is passionate about design that’s accessible, friendly, and can be genuinely magical (it helps that Brad is also a practicing magician).

Brad’s led design work in Google Search and Google Account, and has hosted creative cultural events inside and out of the company. Prior to Google, Brad worked in agencies, media, and museums.