"What Makes You Happy?" presented by Onlineprinters

The Happy Zine

Forward and ONLINEPRINTERS are teaming up to create a community-driven magazine asking creatives what makes them happy. All it takes to participate is a white canvas and the color black – digital or analogue – to create a blissful moment from scratch. A collection of all the submitted works will be printed and published in “The Happy Zine”. The print magazine will be available in the Forward Shop and can be ordered for free.


It’s a question we keep asking ourselves our entire lives: “What makes me happy?” And while the answer to that question is easy when a child, it gets more difficult to find a good reply when growing up. Forward is now collaborating with ONLINEPRINTERS to ask the creative community what it is that makes them joyous.


All the artists, who get published in the magazine win a 50€ Onlineprinters voucher as well as a Livestream Ticket for the Forward Festival Hamburg – alongside the feeling of happiness of being a published artist.


The whole project is all about community, collectiveness, and giving various answers to what happiness can be and what different ways there are to express that. After the dark times we have all experienced within the past year, “The Happy Zine” sheds a light on the positive things in our lives.



• Please only use a white canvas and a black color (digital or analogue)
• 300 dpi for analogue scans and digital artworks
• A5 (14,8 x 21 cm) in portrait format (the zine will be A5)


Every participant gets a free copy, furthermore, “The Happy Zine” will be ready for pre-order in the Forward Online Shop from July 1st!






Submission Deadline is June, 23rd.