Karl Anders 2019

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Who is Karl Anders? Nobody knows. Neither Karl Anders does. The so called design studio from Hamburg rather embodies a lifestyle than a person. It feels like the Smålland in the big city, like the paddle pond on the balcony. Always balancing between commerce and culture, art and design, night and day. That’s probably what you call a holistic approach. Karl Anders is pushing boundaries with lovely brands and great people. Since 2011. Having said that at least they work a lot for themselves. Hosting the Gemeindehaus, hottest workspace in the heart of St. Pauli and not only just opened an office in Paris but also a fresh bottle of beer. Impressionner!


There’s always a reason to say cheers at Karl Anders. That’s why they literally call themselves „forever thirsty“. Never standing still, always raising the bar, never getting enough! Forever thirsty is more than a drink orientated ambition. Thirst — in every aspect — brings people together, pushes societies forward, and sometimes thirst even tastes well. However, let’s get some drinks done. Prost!