Ladies, Wine & Design Hamburg

  • Hamburg 2019 / Millerntor Stadion / Forward Stage
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Ladies, Wine & Design is an initiative founded by Jessica Walsh in New York in 2016 in order to strengthen the network between women in the creative industry – the main goals being mutual inspiration, exchange of experiences and ultimately equal representation of all genders in the executive levels of the industry.


In February 2018, the two designers Anissa Carrington and Karo Berndt founded the Hamburg chapter of LW&D. Once a month, a colorful mix of creative ladies convenes to talk about the challenges and chances the industry has to offer.



This time Ayla Guerbuez, Interaction Designer, and Isabelle von Moeller, UX Writer will talk about „Respect”:


We always talk about user experience. Of user interfaces. And user centered design. But if we are honest, the user plays only a minor role in the development of digital products and services. Attention is only paid to the leading roles: technology, brands and Google. It’s time to make websites, apps and online shops more human again.


Therefore we need new, more diverse personas. Away from cliché users and stereotypes. It needs texts that don’t exclude, a concept that goes beyond the business goal and designs that don’t serve any drawers and don’t just exist because they are seen as trends by Apple or Google.


Personas that are excluded almost everywhere are people who are born neither as women nor as men due to mixed chromosome sets. Those who have been officially considered “diverse” since 1 January 2019 before the law. They are not addressed in registration forms, not with the categories of fashion shops, not when subscribing a newsletter.


Together with intersexual people, we develop a user experience that also appeals to and respects them.



The talk will be held in German.

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