Masterclass by Serviceplan

Beyond Gaming: How live content is transforming digital entertainment.


Gaming & Esports opened the door. Digital live content is about to tear down the whole building. Streaming was huge, even before the Covid-19 crisis hit. But with millions of people stuck at home in 2020, live entertainment on platforms like got even bigger. Finding solace in online communities during times of social distancing, finding joy in shared live experiences with peers and strangers alike and repurposing games and the gaming space into new entertainment formats is what got many people through the year. But that was just the beginning.


Kai Ruppert and Alex Turtschan share a combined 25+ years of experience in the digital media & advertising space and are the founders of the Gaming & Esports division at Mediaplus, the media agency of the Serviceplan Group.
In this master class they will share their outlook on the new normal in digital entertainment: How can brands benefit from becoming a part of online entertainment, engage content creators and influencers, and build meaningful relationships with the communities around them?