Masterclass by Sarah Illenberger

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Dirty Hands – I AM A FLOWER


Sarah Illenberger will guide you through a hands-on masterclass (literally): You will get to know how your hands function as a thinking tool! You will produce your own artwork to take home with you, using found and foraged materials that relate to the nature of spontaneous play & improvisation.
The only requirement for this masterclass is being ready to get your hands dirty and to get inspired by using them.


Create a flower that represents your personality. Use any material you wish. Investigate how materials can symbolise characteristics eg. Soft, hard, protected, dangerous, velenous, open, closed, fragile, strong, edgy, straight, complex etc. Try to be as personal, adventurous and experimental as possible.


Each flower will be photographed in a table top studio. Additionally I will supply a large vase in which all flowers will come together a fantastic bouquet.


Sarah Illenberger is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Berlin working at the intersection of art, graphic design, and photography. With a focus on analog craftwork using everyday items, Sarah is renowned for creating vivid, witty images that open up new perspectives on seemingly familiar subjects. Her ability to transform ordinary materials into complex and unexpected visual experiences has been utilized to develop concepts for clients from the fields of culture and business, such as Mercedes, Nike, and Hermès. In her aim to explore the fertile overlap between art and design, she’s collaborated with numerous photographers and artists, and filled exhibition spaces with self-initiated projects in Paris, Tokyo, and Berlin. Her illustrations were published in magazines and newspapers such as Wallpaper*, The New York Times or Time Magazine.


This part of the program is exclusive for on-site ticket holders.


We ask every participant to bring their own scissors, glue and paper (newspaper, old magazines,…).