Peter Schmidt Group presented by Page

Better Brands for a better world


We all agree: the new normal should be better than the old normal! Brands play an important part in the transformation towards a more sustainable society – be it ecological, economic or social. Design, creativity and communication are essential for creating brands that truly impact our lives.


Nina Kirst, editor at PAGE magazine, talks with Lukas Cottrell, Managing Partner at Peter Schmidt Group, about how to turn good brands into even better brands. They share real-life insights and cases to show how companies can be more sustainable on all levels – and what designers can do to support them.


PAGE is the German medium for design professionals. Based in Hamburg it brings you all you need to know about creative workflows, tools, trends, careers, and businesses.


Peter Schmidt Group is a German agency for branding and design. They are the publishers of »Better Brands 2021«, a study on sustainable design and brand management in Germany.