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Markus Lust is the Head of Cultural Strategy for VICE & VIRTUE Austria, a speaker and moderator, and a lecturer on “new trends in journalism” at the University of Applied Sciences, Vienna. However, the career path that led him there is at least as twisted as Donald Trump’s administration. Before Markus went into journalism and strategy, he worked in market research, project management and public relations, did some corporate blogging, wrote a peer-reviewed article on pro wrestling fan culture — and at one time handled car bodies at Voest’s skin pass mill.


Until 2017, he was the Editor-in-Chief of VICE Austria where, among other things, he visited Vienna’s traditional Christmas Market on LSD, wrote a column on every obscure aspect of pro wrestling and launched a themed month on toxic masculinity. His notion that a) life can be lots of contradictory things simultaneously and b) there’s no such thing as useless knowledge helped shape both VICE in Austria and Markus’s presentations; like “The World (of VICE) explained by using nothing but Donald Trump tweets”.


He’s also the author of three published works — “It’s still real to me, damn it” (his master thesis on prop wrestling), the paper listicle “111 Gründe, Wien zu hassen” (“111 Reasons to Hate Vienna”) and the hippie novel “Semmelmenschen” (“Bread Roll People”). He’s currently starting a new podcast format for VIRTUE Austria and spends his spare time explaining what his job title means.


VIRTUE is the full-service agency born from VICE. Based all around the world and with headquarters in Brooklyn, New York, VIRTUE does for advertising what VICE did for media.


Markus Lust will talk about:
Towards a New Sincerity: Why irony in advertising (and pop culture) is dead and how it became cool to care