Forward Exchange Program 2019



Do you want to shape the 21st century?


The Forward Exchange Program is a city exchange program between Vienna, Munich and Zurich to connect creative professionals and strengthen bilateral interdisciplinary exchange between the cities. It offers creatives as well as  industry experts and specialists the opportunity to learn from and with each other across borders in order to jointly develop new approaches and create new products and solutions. In this, each host city will also serve as a source of inspiration. The Forward Exchange Program was launched in Vienna in 2018 and will take place in Zurich in 2020.


It was initiated by the Forward Creative OG, the Vienna Business Agency, the Competence Team for Cultural and Creative Industries of the City of Munich and the Office for Economy and Labour of the Canton of Zurich.




The world around us is changing fast!

In 2019, the event will take place in Munich from June 12-14. Together we will explore the chances and opportunities that digital media hold for storytelling, innovation and creativity and what the tools involved mean for the creative process, for production, sales and marketing?


The Forward Exchange Program is aimed at individuals and companies from the cities of Vienna, Munich and Zurich who work in the fields of design, communication and multimedia (such as the film industry and games) and architecture and redefine their fields of work using digital media. Each year, up to 6 places are allocated per city.


Second edition 2019–Munich invites.


The 3-day program includes several highlights: There will be guided studio and corporate visits, e.g. at Hyve – the innovation company, as well as workshops and the unique opportunity to meet industry experts such as Josh Higgins (Executive Creative Director, Facebook) or Marshmallow Laser Feast. And last, but not least participants will have the chance to network with the greats of the industry over dinner in an informal setting. Don’t miss your chance to connect with other digital natives and interdisciplinary experts to redefine your field of work. Still hesitant to apply? Check out what we have to offer:


The Forward Exchange Program includes:


– Guided corporate visits to e.g. Hyve – the innovation company
– Attendance of the Forward Festival Munich
– The Exchange:Workshop with Josh Higgins or Marshmellow Laser Feast
– An exclusive dinner with speakers from the Forward Festival
– Allowance for travel and accommodation costs of up to EUR 100,00,- for participants from Vienna and Zurich
– Offer business insights and transfer know-how
– Build an international network
– Discuss with and receive feedback from mentors and experts and learn from their experience
– Allow for experience-oriented, creative and interactive working and learning




Key facts:


– Forward Exchange Program:  June 12th to 14th
– Forward Festival Munich: June 13th to 14th


PLEASE NOTE: The program targets creatives residing in Vienna, Munich and Zurich. But applications from all three regions will be accepted. Working language is English, so German skills are not required.


For questions, please send an email to


All the best from Vienna, Munich and Zurich!
Othmar Handl and the Forward Creatives team
Elisabeth Noever-Ginthör, Vienna Business Agency
Jürgen Enninger, Team of Excellence for Culture and Creative Industries Munich
Anita Martinecz, Office of Economy and Labour Zurich