KönigsKlasse — Post Era Positions

Four amazing artists and students of design legend Eike König from the University of Art & Design in Offenbach will present their work.



Anna Hofmann
Titel: My Solid Future
“Hello, my name is Anna. I am a student of Eike König.
In my works, I like to deal with the shallow topics of everyday life. Mostly the ideas coming during train journeys or walks. My work initially consists of drawings, they then create objects and sometimes animations. I am happy with my works when they are humorous and silly in an ironic way and have a certain expression for me. l try to make them look weird and tragic at the same time with a self ironical taste. Since a few years, I additionally create sculptures which carry my themes to three-dimensional artworks too.”


Michel Bütepage
Michel Bütepage is a graphic and typeface designer from Germany. He worked for L2M3, Stuttgart and Pentagram, London.
TEN YEARS is a collection of over 400 Google Street View screenshots. By using Street View’s time machine feature Bütepage captured and documented how the world has changed over the last decade. The project is both a physical archive of the past and a digital archive for the present.


Heimer’s design comes in as bold as it is complex and puzzling. It is packed with an enormous unconventional style of displaced imagery, unreadable types and heavily influenced by anti-aestheticization. Their style obviously experiments with the idealization of a not yet to come counter culture, that is growing within us every time we feed our cultural anxiety with a new glamorous and yet so fake post on social network.
Born and raised in the outer parts of Berlin, Heimer’s design practice has been formed by his passion for producing experimental electronic music (LP out on TOMLAB), underground club culture, and an ever-changing but constantly dying city that raises high hopes for anyone to be special but fails us socially with its harsh alluring shine. A symbol for commercial productization that is built on a subculture which will never see its own benefits.


Ksti Hu
Ksti Hu is a Russian-born, German-based graphic designer and visual artist. After moving to a country at the age of 18, she began to master German, which later became her second “mother tongue.” This intense linguistic experience prompted her to carry out an immense research project called “Rude,” which is focused on experiments with language, typography, and identity. Over the past years, she has been traveling around the globe with exhibitions, lectures, and performances, exploring new mediums and approaches in graphic design, settling in her work to no boundaries at all.
She taught costume & stage design by HFG Offenbach & fashion at König Klasse, was among the art residency tutors on graphic design in Montenegro, organized by the Moscow ‘Golden Bee’ Graphic Design Biennale.