Pavel Kedich

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The Other Web


In the era of look-alike interfaces, landing pages, and services, there is an “other web.” This quirky term refers to digital projects with looks that stand out from what we’re used to seeing online. Pavel believes that the internet of the future can be either eye-catching or defiantly boring, supremely functional or completely useless.


During his presentation, Pavel will take several unconventional projects and explore their anatomy, highlighting some common principles that can help design a next-level web project in any sphere.

Pavel will also talk about how to avoid template solutions and showcase design instruments that encourage creative freedom, like Readymag.



Pavel Kedich is a Riga-based graphic and web designer focused on web projects with thoughtful typography and an editorial slant. In the past few years, he has mostly worked on editorial projects, corporate websites, and digital products. Pavel has a soft spot for projects with cultural institutions, designers, and type foundries.