Rafael Bernardo 2019

  • Munich 2019 / Alte Kongresshalle / Forward Stage
  • Hamburg 2019 / Millerntor Stadion / Forward Stage
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»Be Water my Friend — The Methodology«


Rafael Bernardo is a German-Brazilian typographer and designer, who studied at the KABK in The Hague, graduated from the HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd, co-founded a creative agency, ran it for seven years until deciding to start working under his own label and has been providing interdisciplinary design services to passionate clients ever since.


To explore the potential of branding his new design studio, he started a creative journey that earned itself the name »be water my friend«. In short »BWMF«. A project, that started as a motivational quote and resulted in a creative output of a 100-page monograph, a three days live-feature by a renowned design-software-company, contributions at festivals, collectibles like laser-engraved water bottles and a four-week solo-exhibition.


At the same time deeply fascinated by the metaphoric quality of water – seen as a holistic energy-system – Rafael Bernardo started to systemize his creative learnings regarding context, motivation, and process to distill a methodology that can support individuals and teams to reflect their actions, detect potentials and master their level of execution. A tool inspired by nature’s charm to not only be beautiful but also very efficient.




Additional Photo-Credits: Susanne Schramke (Portrait), Joern Blohm (Cases), Jann Averwerser (Exhibition)