Rodeo FX // Thomas Hullin

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Of Rats and Goop, Stranger Things Monsters by Rodeo FX


As Head of Rodeo FX Munich, Thomas Hullin led the creation of Rodeo FX’s first European studio, launching it successfully while establishing an efficient workflow to connect Munich to Rodeo FX’s North American studios. Thomas continues to grow the studio, further developing Rodeo FX’s presence in Europe.



As VFX Supervisor, Thomas’ strong interpersonal and managerial skills, along with his technical and creative knowledge, drive him to create state-of-the-art visual experiences. Over the past 9 years, Thomas has worked on more than 20 films and episodes of high-profile series, including Fantastic Beasts: the Crimes of Grindelwald, Ant-Man and the Wasp, Justice League, Paddington 2, and Game of Thrones, for which he earned two VES Awards. Thomas’ advertising projects include Tag Heuer’s latest campaign, the first project exclusively carried out by Rodeo FX Munich, which Thomas also directed.