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Uli Beutter Cohen is a culture reporter on the rise. She is the founder of Subway Book Review, a social media project that offers a new way to discover books, places, and people. She has written for The Washington Post, Here Magazine and The Creative Independent, and has spoken at Kickstarter, SXSW, and more.


Glamour Magazine named Subway Book Review on their Top 50 Power List of 2017, along with Teen Vogue, The Guardian, Refinery29, Cherry Bombe, The BBC, and many more who have called Subway Book Review the influential voice that’s reshaping literary culture.


Uli reads books and people, and is fascinated with how we communicate and share space. Her mission is to crush misconceptions about the value of books in the digital age and to democratize literature. Uli lives in Brooklyn, New York.


In her talk, Uli shows her audience that books are the most powerful way to understand who we are and what’s happening around us. Turns out that getting on the same page as global citizens who share diverse views in public spaces can be a lot of fun.