Wix Playground presents Tessa Sima & Andreas Palfinger

Together with Wix Playground, for the first time ever, we gave away one speaker slot to two young and inspiring designers.


Let us introduce to you Tessa Sima and Andreas Palfinger.


Tessa Sima started her career at the age of seven by building a robot that would say swear words to her teachers.

Now she is working as an illustrator and writer for advertisement agencies, newspapers, publishers and herself.

She has been living in a lot of places around the globe. China, Denmark, Estonia and Iran to name a few.

For her work she’s been internationally rewarded as well as yelled at.


Andreas will present his project »A Populist’s Guide To: Shaping Democracy — in 7 steps to Dictatorship«, which was recently awarded gold at the International Design Awards, the European Design Awards, the Art Directors Club of Europe, and others.

Andreas Palfinger is a multidisciplinary designer and artist with a strong interest in virtual spaces and architecture, based in Vienna and (soon) Tokyo.
While flirting with extravagant aesthetics, he loves to deal with complex topics through a conceptual approach to design and art. He is currently designing for the speculative design studio Superflux, London.

He studies graphic design at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, was a guest student in the Design Investigations class under Anab Jain, spent an exchange-semester at the Bauhaus University Weimar (Architecture), and will soon start a semester at Tokyo University of the Arts GEIDAI.