This is Antwerp

This is Antwerp is the urban magazine, published by the city of Antwerp, Belgium. In 2011 Visit Antwerp, the tourism office of the city, wanted to reach a new, urban audience. An audience of people which doesn’t visit a city in a traditional way.


This is Antwerp doesn’t focuus on tourist highlights. Urban, creative, young minded and off the beaten path are its keywords. To provide its audience with the most up to date information for life, music, fashion, art and events, This is Antwerp works with a diverse network of over 40 locals – each one a part of Antwerp’s creative scene – who produce its content. Which results in This is Antwerp being close to the heart of that creative scene.


Next to its strong on- and offline presence, This is Antwerp collaborates with both national and international creative partners and hosts the annual D.A.T.E. (Discover Antwerp Through Experience) event. This makes This is Antwerp an international hub of creatives, all connected to the city.


Jasper Kuylen has been editor-in-chief of This is Antwerp since 2016. He sets up both creative and strategic collaborations, the path for This is Antwerp to follow and he facilitates the locals who produce the medium’s content. Before he started working for This is Antwerp, he worked for the VRT, Flanders’ public broadcastong corporation.