FAQs for Forward Festival Vienna Livestream

Please find the most important FAQs about the event below.


The Ticketshop for the Livestream of Forward Festival Vienna 2020 is officially closed! If you didn’t get a ticket in time and still want to join the festival online, please contact us via email.




How do I confirm my access to the livestream?
If you already purchased a ticket via Xing Events, you’re set. Your ticket number is the password for the livestream. If you have a voucher code from one of our raffles or partners, please use the voucher code and download your ticket until Wednesday, Oct 7th 12:00AM CET to confirm your access to the livestream. If you miss this deadline, please contact us directly via hello@forwardcreatives.com to get your password.


I tried to login with password/ticket number but got a warning that the password is incorrect. What am I doing wrong?
In case your password is not working, don’t worry. Try to copy the password again, maybe there was a number missing or a space too much. It is important to copy or type in all numbers and symbols of your password/ticket number (XXXX-YYYY-ZZZZ). If it’s still not working please contact us via email and have your booking confirmation at hand.


Can I still get a ticket even if the Festival is already running?
Yes, you can still get access. After Wednesday Oct 7th 12:00AM CET please contact us via hello@forwardcreatives.com if you want to get a ticket. If you miss a talk don’t worry, you can re-watch the entire stream for 7 days.


Where can I find my password for the login?
You received a confirmation email by Xing Events with your personal password to the stream when you purchased it. Please also check your spam folder in case you haven’t received the email. If you have deleted the email or cannot remember your password, please contact us at hello@forwardcreatives.com, we’ll find a solution.


Where can I find the live stream?
After your purchase you have received an email by Xing Events with the link to the stream and your ticket number, which is your password to the stream. It’s here, starting October 8th at 12:00PM CET.


When can I access the live stream?
The festival starts on October 8th at 12:00PM, from there you can tune in. Video on demand is available with your password for seven days after the festival.


Where can I find the timetable?
To plan your digital days at the event, please look up the timetable here. (subject of change)


Can I login on more than one device?
You can watch the stream on different devices but every password is valid only on one device at a time. Please close the stream before using another device.


Can I re-watch the livestream?
If you are unable to attend the livestream the whole time during the event, you can watch it back for 7 days after the event.


Do I have to download additional software?
Our livestream is held online, which means you don’t have to download any additional software (other than do an update on your flash player maybe). Please make sure to accept our cookies as well as the plug-ins in order to enjoy the full Forward spirit.


Is there a way to give you feedback?
We are always happy about receiving feedback, tributes and tips in order to host even better festivals within the next few years. Please let us know your thoughts and what you liked or would like us to improve at hello@forwardcreatives.com.


Where can I find your press contacts?
For press inquiries, please contact hello@forwardcreatives.com.


Is there any information about your upcoming events?
Please stay tuned for information regarding our upcoming events. As soon as we have information and dates to share you will be the first to know. You can subscribe to our newsletter here.


If you have any further questions, please contact us via hello@forwardcreatives.com