Alex Trochut presented by Maxon

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Alex Trochut: Mixing up pop culture, street culture, fashion and music to create his unique 3D designs.


Alex Trochut was born in 1981 in Barcelona, Spain. He established his own design studio in Barcelona before relocating to New York City. Through his design, illustration and typographic practice he has developed an intuitive way of working that has resulted in his expressive visual style. As a designer, Alex focuses on the potential of language as a visual medium, pushing language to its limits so that seeing and reading become the same action and text and image become one unified expression. In his talk he will be focusing on his latest 3D work and what brings him the inspiration he needs.


Mixing styles and genres and drawing equally from pop culture, street culture, fashion and music, Alex has created design, illustration and typography for a diverse range of clients: Nike, Adidas, The Rolling Stones, Katy Perry, BBC, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, The Guardian, The New York Times, Time Magazine and many others.