Andy Kassier

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Unleash your Creativity with Andy Kassier!


Who is better suited to moderate the Forward Stage – at it’s core a reflection of the creative waves and zeitgeist of tomorrow!


The conceptual artist Andy Kassier lives and works in Berlin. His work includes installations, performances, photography, videos, sculptures and painting. In 2013, he created his alter ego Andy Kassier, who ironically breaks the narrative of wealth and happiness in late capitalist society.


On Instagram and in international solo and group exhibitions, he continuously develops the long-term performance according to the current zeitgeist. How does photography change in the digital age, when images become the medium of communication and at the same time the medium of photography is expanded through performances and livestreams?


Andy Kassier reflects on how male individuals represent themselves in the digital age. Do men today want to be seen as strong, soft, successful or emotional? Are muscles necessary for a man to be perceived as male? Which outfit gives a man social approval? Media and advertising today are in search of the new man, while at the same time toxic masculinity is discussed as a problematic and outdated concept: men want to be strong, they show no weakness. Men should be tough, they show no feelings.


Andy Kassier will host the Forward Festival Berlin in September. On stage with him, you will be able to hear creatives like Studio Teiwas, Luis Perez, Simone Cihlar and many more.