Ania Augustynowicz pres. by Adobe

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The world of Ania Augustynowicz lies in Collage & Motion.


Ania Augustynowicz is a mixed media collage artist and motion designer based in Warsaw, Poland. Her creative process involves composing and combining pictures to create eye-catching art, and using AI technologies as her creative co-pilot. Blending photography with video to create compelling visual identities is what she is known for. Clients vary from musicians to fashion houses and more.


Ania will be accompanied by Tasnims Bhuiyan, Associate Creative Director at Adobe. With over 20 years in the design industry, Taz specialises in all forms of design, from illustration to UX design, photo editing and more. Chosen as one of Campaign’s 30 Female Creative Leaders, she has also driven successful global campaigns for the BBC, Warner Bros, Apple, Disney and Amazon. She’s generally happiest when she is working with emerging creative talent (and watching Star Wars until she’s dizzy).


This part of the Program is presented by Adobe.


Ania and Tasnims will speak at the Forward Festival Berlin in September. Next to them, you will be able to hear Creatives like Ada Sokol, Maliha Abidi, Aurelia Durand and many more.