"Behind the Loop" by Looping Lovers

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Behind the Loop.


LoopingLovers is formed by the Multidimensional Artist-duo Philipp Ries and Thomas Mayer.


Their work revolves around humanoid beings floating and move freely in digital space, independent of physical restrictions. Central elements are body shapes, balanced colors and textures which, through endless looping movements, convey a feeling through body language and are supposed to preserve it over time. They managed to craft a distinct style capturing an exciting contrast between realism and surreality which they define as digital sensuality.


During this Workshop you will be able to get insights in the daily studio process of the Interdisciplinary Studio LoopingLovers. Philipp Ries and Thomas Mayer are going to share an overview on tools and workflows for our Creations and deep-dive into an client based Machine learning NFT project.


Beginning from the concept ’til minting they will share important steps for your own NFT. This workshop will focus on conceptual knowledge and practical tips and gives room for questions!


Attendance is free – only for festival-ticket holders.




Online Session:
Saturday, March 12th: 3:00pm – 4:00pm


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