“Calligraphy – The variety of handwriting” by Claudia Dzengel

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Calligraphy – The variety of handwriting.


Designers are increasingly asking for handwritten solutions. In this workshop you will learn how diverse your own handwriting can be and how to use it in Design. The focus is not on beautiful writing in the historical sense, handwriting is about expression and personality. You will train the rhythm and style of our handwriting and create text structures and word compositions with a variety of tools. You don’t need beautiful handwriting for this workshop, but a desire and curiosity for new writing experiences.


Claudia Dzengel studied Color Design in Hildesheim. Since 1997 she works as freelance designer and calligrapher in Vienna. She designs commissioned works (e.g. artistic typefaces for the Fritz Czoklich Democracy Award), writes live at events and teaches at various universities and museums or gives workshops in schools and her studio in Vienna.
Stylistically, her works range from expressive, highly gestural designs to small-scale, extremely clear and linear forms. Her books “Kalligrafie und kreatives Schreiben für Kinder” and “Kalligrafie ist ein Kinderspiel” (Nilpferd bei G&G Verlag) have won several awards.


Attendance also possible without a festival ticket.


The Workshop will be held in German.



The workshop will be on:
Thursday, October 6th: 11:00am – 01:00pm (there will be a 30 minutes break)
at Karl-Meißl-Straße 1/12, 1200 Wien


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Claudia Dzengel will host a workshop at the Forward Festival Vienna in October. Next to this one, you will be able to sign up to other Workshops like “The Art of Letterpress.” by Schusterjunge, Social Media Writing for Creatives – How to leverage your creative career” by Klaus Heller and more.