"Sound and Motion" by Studio Dumbar

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Crafting an Immersive Audio-Visual Experience with Studio Dumbar

This workshop will be held by Studio Dumbar’s Sound Designer Jasper Scholma & motion designer Elvin van Dalen.

In this four hour long workshop, we will delve into the relationship between sound and motion. We’ll explore how sound can inspire and influence motion, and how motion can be utilized to create a more immersive and dynamic experience. The outcome will be a collaborative audio-visual piece.

Requirements for Participants:

→ Basic understanding of Adobe After Effects
→ Laptops with Adobe After Effects pre-installed
→ Recommended to bring headphones or earbuds for an optimal experience during the workshop

Attendance of this workshop is for festival ticketholders only. 5€ is a Cover fee that includes Water/Snacks.



Only limited seats available!

Friday, September 15th: 10:30am – 3pm (incl. 30min break)


As soon as you have registered we will keep you up to date with everything regarding your workshop!