"CREATIVE CODING with AI" pres. by Liganova

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Creative Coding with the help of Artificial intelligence – Maximize creativity through technology


Jan Maier is Creative AI Strategist at LIGANOVA, a leading company for brand & retail experiences. Recognizing the transformative power of image and text generators for the creative industry early on, Jan took the lead in embedding AI into the agency’s creative workflows, bridging the gap between human creativity and machine efficiency.


In this tutorial you’ll dive into the fascinating realm of generative art by leveraging AI. It doesn’t require any mathematical understanding as you’ll use GPT4 to create the algorithms – only very basic coding terminology, to steer the conversation and trust in the process. Explore how AI can augment human creativity while redefining the boundaries of art and design and get an impression of how this pioneering technology can pave the way for future artistic expression.




→ Please bring your laptop to get the most out of the tutorial


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