"Designing a (portfolio) website from scratch" pres. by Squarespace

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Designing a (portfolio) website from scratch in 1.5 hours – without coding


Workshop by Victoria Weber, presented by Squarespace


Victoria Weber is a Squarespace expert, web designer, speaker and host of the podcast Creatorway. She helps designers and creators to grow online without being dependent on individual platforms through courses, templates, mentoring programs and events.


In this workshop website designer Victoria Weber will guide you through the process of building a portfolio or business website with Squarespace and bringing it live – all within just 1.5 hours. How to best structure your website, what to be aware of when incorporating images, quick design and SEO hacks will be shared along the way and your very own website can be ready at the end of the workshop. For this session you will need to bring your laptop or tablet and to prepare for an ideal outcome we will share a checklist with all registered participants.


Attendance of this workshop is for festival ticketholders only. 5€ is a Cover fee that includes Water/Snacks.



Only limited seats available!


Friday, September 15th: 1:30pm – 3:00pm


Next to her, you will be able to listen to other Tutorials like “How owning my digital real estate helped me to succeed as an independent illustrator and designer” by Giulia Hartz, “HOW TO MARKET YOURSELF AND EXPAND YOUR BUSINESS AS A CREATIVE” by Eleanor Mayrhofer, and many more.


This part of the program is presented by Squarespace.


Squarespace is an all-in-one website and e-commerce provider, offering customers in over 200 countries all the tools they need to sell physical products, digital content, courses, appointments, reservations and more. The fully integrated product suite makes it possible to set up design-rich websites, manage domains, and integrate e-commerce, marketing and scheduling tools without having to know any programming.