Dinamo x BNAG Workshop-Shop

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Get Creative at the Dinamo x BNAG Workshop-Shop — No Rules, Just Connections.


Over the course of two days, we’ll be building a spontaneous Workshop-Shop with our Dinamo x BNAG Connectors, a structure that doubles as a Dinamo Hardware pop-up store and DIY workshop led by BNAG.


Our Dinamo x BNAG Connectors are easy-to-use metal brackets that join together different materials for quick, resilient furniture making. Each unit contains a grid, which can be used to arrange screws into letter shapes. We find these Connectors encourage a flexible and personal approach to making, accentuating – rather than disguising – a construction process.


Alongside new Hardware drops at the pop-up, we’ll also be launching ABC Connect, our screw-inspired typeface. Visitors are invited to join Oli, Lukas, Maddy, Tina, Renan, and Johannes, create furniture of their own, document their designs digitally, experiment, shop, or just stop by to say hi. We hope to meet you there and are excited to see what we grow together 🙂


Dinamo is a German type design studio that produces retail and bespoke typefaces, design software, research, consultancy, physical objects, and editions. Founded in Basel and Berlin, it operates via a network of satellite members across the globe, oscillating between commercial and cultural projects of varying scales.

BNAG is a Karlsruhe and Berlin-based multisensory laboratory that approaches design as a social practice and is co-run by Oliver-Selim Boualam and Lukas Marstaller. The duo’s Super Art + Design Service works with different forms in different formats, including exhibitions, sculptures, furniture design, graphic design, publishing, and music.

Dinamo will also speak at the Forward Festival in Berlin. Make sure to not miss theirTalk.