"Informatively Formative" by COEVAL

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Experience “Informatively Formative” at the Forward Festival!


The exhibition “Informatively Formative” brings together works by artists who adapt the media and practices of conventional genres such as sculpture, painting and photography with digital artistic methods and extend them into virtual spaces.


Through the works selected and displayed, the exhibition raises questions that address the transformation of a traditional exhibition practice into “virtual uncharted territory”:

– How does architecture translate into a digital environment?
– How do we show film in a virtual space that is not a cinema?
– New media allow production, processing and presentation to be carried out singularly and interwoven. It is precisely this transformation process that the exhibition “Informatively Formative” makes visible.

Participating Artists:
Banz&Bowinkel, Julia Beliaeva, Manja Ebert, Jacqueline Hen, Victoria Pidust, Marta Vovk
Marcus Boxler
COEVAL Magazine Creative Director:
– Donald Gjoka
– Exhibition Design and Construction Coeval in collaboration with Priscilla Oliveros
– Scenography and physical works by Johannes Kiel

This part of the program is friendly supported by Projekt Zukunft / Senate Department for Economic Affairs, Energy and Public Enterprises