Johanna Jaskowska

Johanna Jaskowska ‘s facefilter “Beauty3000” went through the roof, but that’s not the only thing she does.


Johanna does not see herself as an expert in any field (we happily disagree), rather is interested in everything. She loves to experiment with any technology she can get her hands on. She will explain how she got to where she is today and how she creates her futuristic and magical works. Johanna’s work with AR for beauty, fashion and jewelry seeks to minimize the gap between reality and virtuality. No boundaries, more technologies and approaching a digital future – that’s what Johanna’s talk is all about.


She works in the realm of augmented reality, exploring the possibilities of technology. She questions how it can alter and enhance our perceptions of reality. Drawing on cutting-edge tech, she takes inspiration from several creative fields. For example the worlds of cinema, photography, beauty as well as concepts of future and identity.


Johanna has established herself as a creative at the forefront in the field of extended reality. Therefore she creates viral face filters, the first-ever digital haute couture, or NFTs. Johanna continues to look forward in the future and work at the vanguard of emerging new technology.