Mate Steinforth

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Mate Steinforth’s facefilter “BETAB3T4” went through the roof, but that’s not the only thing he does.


With years of experience in the creative sector, Mate Steinforth has a proven track record in the Animation and Advertising Industries. His deep understanding of the technology paired with a unique creative vision makes him the perfect fit in all things design.


Prior to joining Meta, Mate was running the Berlin office of the Production Company SEHSUCHT. Previously, he worked as Creative Director for PSYOP in New York as well as for Juan Dela Mata in Madrid.


He is a member of the Art Director’s Club.


Mate will speak at the Forward Festival Berlin in September. Next to him, you will be able to hear Creatives like Aurélia Durand, Simone Cihlar and many more.