"New Digital Frontiers" pres. by Electronic Beats

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Panel Talk – The opportunities in new digital frontier: fashion, community, extended reality


hosted by Electronic Beats and moderated by Kikelomo


In this discussion, we will explore the intersection of fashion, community-building, and extended reality (XR) technologies, and how they present unique opportunities for brands and individuals alike.


Our esteemed panel speakers bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the conversation. Polina Klekovkina, the COO & Partner of FFFACE.ME, is a marketing expert specializing in innovation. With a focus on XR and WEB3 technologies, Polina has worked with renowned brands like Prada and Pepsi, and she is currently driving the adoption of AR mirrors in the retail sector. She will share her insights on crafting projects centered around XR, digital fashion, virtual avatars, and the metaverse.


Simone Ferraro, Co-founder & Creative Director at A Better Mistake, has always been drawn to various art forms. Coming from architecture to fashion and since 2021 also stepping into electronic music as an Art director of one of the biggest techno djs of the moment 99999999. Founded in 2020, A Better Mistake is a high-end fashion brand aiming to challenge clichés in the fashion world and stand up to stereotypes. Simone’s designs always strive to provide opportunities, never limitations. Keeping Sustainability, inclusion but also provocation, with mostly digital narratives in their DNA.


Gintare Adomaityte, a PR consultant with Telekom Electronic Beats, brings deep expertise in cultural trends, media communication, and fashion journalism. Telekom Electronic Beats is a leading international music marketing program that encompasses music, design, art, fashion, and innovative technologies. Gintare’s contributions foster extensive community engagement and brand awareness.

This part of the program is presented by Electronic Beats.

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