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About inspiration and co-creation in the age of data & AI.


onformative will be represented by co-founder and creative lead Cedric Kiefer.


Guided by an emotional approach, Berlin based studio onformative constantly searches for new forms of creative expression. Through an experimental practice they create meaningful digital art works to challenge the boundaries between art, design and technology. Their outcomes and interpretations take on varying forms across media through self-initiated and commissioned works that range from interactive media installations, generative design and dynamic visuals to data-driven narratives.


Cedric develops and directs projects to define the creative vision of the studio. His fascination with science, technology and art fuels the development of new projects at onformative. Parallel to his work at the studio, he regularly teaches and talks about digital art and design at international universities, conferences and festivals.


onformative will speak at the Forward Festival Berlin in September. Next to them, you will be able to hear Creatives like LoopingLovers, Esra Gülmen, Nina Doll and many more.