Patreon presents Vincent Schwenk

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Patreon presents Vincent Schwenk


Join us as we explore the immersive world(s) of Hamburg-based 3D-artist Vincent Schwenk. Besides a deep dive into his beginnings, motivations and methodology, Vincent will give a presentation of his works consisting of futuristic, candy-coloured blobs and glossy shapes. He will also share his secrets to making a living as a full-time, independent creative.


When asked, Vincent finds it difficult to explain what he does for a living: a 3D designer, an artist, a director, a motion designer… or even just someone who loves to teach, it’s all true. Which makes him a great Patreon.


Patreon is a membership platform that connects creators with their biggest fans, who support them on an ongoing basis. In exchange members get access to exclusive content, behind-the-scenes insights into creative processes, and more. This membership model allows creators to remain financially and creatively independent while generating a sustainable, regular income.


Vincent will speak at the Forward Festival Berlin in September. Next to him, you will be able to hear Creatives like Looping Lovers, Johanna Jaskowska, Cihan Tamti and many more.