"Putting Design In Motion w/ Robert Hranitzky" by Adobe

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Putting design in motion: Robert Hranitzky shows you how to bring movement into your designs.


Movies are not only moving images, they also have the power to move something in us, a fact that no one will deny. Why shouldn’t that also apply to design? In the Adobe workshop “Putting design in motion”, Robert Hranitzky, motion graphic designer, will show you how to get your designs moving with Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro – and maybe even your viewers?


Robert Hranitzky already showed last spring that animated designs have rebellious potential.
Together with the Berlin based artist and illustrator Dennis Schuster, better known under his artist name DXTR, Robert created 40 animated tiles as part of the #AdobeStockRemix, a strong plea for us to finally get moving and take action if we want our planet to have a future. Back then, Robert animated Dennis; illustrations in After Effects. Today, he not only shows you how to bring movement into your designs. The motion graphic designer also knows how to render your projects easily and effectively and upload previews automatically.


He will show you how to add information to your designs and video projects with motion graphics templates and then use them in Premiere Pro. But to be honest: It’s the interplay of image and sound that really gives you goosebumps, isn’t it? So that you can use background music and sounds in a precise way, Robert shows you how you can use Essential Sounds to finalize your video.
By the way, you don’t even have to leave the editing programme to search for a suitable sound: With Adobe Stock Audio, you can easily find sounds and music titles and embed them in your film projects.
Speaking of having a clear head. Did you know that you can automatically reduce your background sounds via the Auto Ducking function? If not, then listen up in the workshop and let Robert Hranitzky show you how to make sure that the speakers are staged and not overruled by the background music. Finally, animated designs and videos are of course also a visual experience.

Once the animation and sound are in place, it’s time to put the finishing touches on your video content. And because the slightest nuances of colour can be important, Robert shows you how to make quick colour adjustments to your videos using Lumetri colour.


Workshop requirements: The speaker will use Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects for this workshop. Previous knowledge in this tools is not required.


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Friday, 2nd: 3:30pm – 4:30pm