Gerald Geier

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Gerald Geier envisions possible futures.

Gerald is one of the two Winners from Spotlight your Idea and will share his talk on the Stage with Stephanie Meisl

Gerald Geier works on the crossing of design, fiction, and strategy. With a background in creative conception, visual communication and speculative design, he interweaves science and art into optimistic future narratives.


He believes sustainable system change relies on interdisciplinary cooperation and on the unique strengths of creatives. Gerald studied design in Vienna, Copenhagen, and London, worked at leading creative agencies, and received numerous awards. Based in Vienna with a global outreach, he collaborates with climate experts, think tanks, and innovators to transform tomorrow together.


His project “Remember the Future” is a research-based speculative short film depicting a possible future: It’s 2073. Humanity has stabilized the climate. A climate activist looks back and tells us how we did it.


This part of the program is a collaboration with Vienna Business Agency.


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