Stephanie Meisl

Stephanie Meisl – Exploring the Intersection of Art and Artificial Intelligence

Stephanie is one of the two Winners from Spotlight your Idea and will share her talk on the Stage with Gerald Geier

Stephanie Meisl has been active in the field of visual media since 1997. With a background in communication science, she began her career as a live performing visual artist and has since been at the forefront of the transition from analogue to digital media, from analog to HD, and from landlines to iPhone.


Stephanie’s pursuit of understanding the world and its transformations, randomness, repetitions, flaws, beauty, and stories has been an ongoing journey. She decided to reduce her fear of artificial intelligence by addressing human uncertainty and the loophole in algorithmic clickbaits. The audiovisual installation “Digital Terrorism 2.0” featuring Marco Sulz marked a turning point. She sought to reduce the fear associated with Artificial Intelligence (AI) by using art as a means to interpret, translate, and make it more accessible.


In 2023, together with Andreas Fraunberger from “Jünger Römer”, she founded the monthly community meetup “Generative AI for Creatives” by D#AVANTGARDE in Vienna. Her alias s.myselle is her digital art avatar and as CAIO of Full Future Consulting GmbH, she runs workshops to explain and implement AI in companies. In the end it is the one question that stays: What does it truly mean to be human in the age of machines? Which she will clarify in her Talk.


This part of the program is a collaboration with Vienna Business Agency.


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