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From Fencing Champion to Corporate Visionary – Leading Change as a Transformation Architect


With his company Transformation Architects, Pascal is empowering organizations to break free from outdated behaviors and become agents of change, rethinking success and leaving behind a positive impact on society and the environment.


Pascal started out in the late nineties with a stint in professional sports as a fencer. He then worked for a decade in communications agencies in Zurich and London before joining Freitag in 2010 as Brand Manager and later taking on the role of Head of Innovation.


Join Pascal’s interactive session to build an imaginary start-up company from scratch, exploring the fundamental needs of a growing business and address the 21st century challenges we face as entrepreneurs. Through discussion and examples from pioneering companies, you will gain insights on how to overcome these challenges and build your business sustainably. You will not only leave this session as an imaginary entrepreneur, you will also learn valuable tools and approaches to successfully humanize business.


Believing that business must be a driving force for societal change, he co-founded ‘Transformation Architects’ in 2022 with a clear mission: to inspire and support organizations in understanding and tackling the opportunities and challenges of transformation.


Pascal Dulex will also talk at the Forward Festival Berlin in September. Make sure to not miss his talk.