"The art of Prompting" by Stephanie Meisl

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The World of Creative Prompts and Engaging Content/strong>

Stephanie Meisl will guide you through this workshop. She is an expert in digital content creation and prompting techniques, will be your mentor on this exciting expedition.


Discover the techniques for creating engaging prompts and see how ideas can be turned into actionable content. Join me on this immersive 2-hour journey as we explore the limits of what can be achieved in a short amount of time.


Workshop Highlights:
→ Creating a social media campaign
→ The ChatGPT Challenge
→ Midjourney’s Photographic Flair
→ The Eleven Labs & Lalamu Integration
→ Musical Moods & Tones
→ Animation with RunwayML


What you need
Just bring your attentive self and a thinking cap! Together we’ll embark on a journey of collaborative creativity, utilising the collective genius of the group to prompt, craft and create.


Attendance of this workshop is for festival ticketholders only. 5€ is a Cover fee that includes Water/Snacks.



Only limited seats available!

Friday, October 6th: 4:00pm – 5:30pm


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