Laura Zalenga & Nadine Kolodziey

Laura Zalenga, Rotterdam

Laura is portrait-photographer from southern Germany who’s always searching for interesting faces, magical places, and special light situations. Her photographs are characterized by a clear visual language and the power of showing raw, honest emotions. For the last year she has been focusing on old age and its unique beauty. She wants to show that age is something we all face but still mostly oversee, and that we’re missing opportunities to learn from knowledge gained over decades.


Nadine Kolodziey; Berlin/Frankfurt

Based in Frankfurt and Berlin, Nadine is a visual artist and illustrator who combines analog and digital materials to create work that’s manipulated and transformed into walkable environments. Her work is dedicated to the field of visual research, and her residency project, The Undrawn Drawing, is an expedition of illustrative research. It involves touring through Germany and US and inviting the community to explore the digital and analog possibilities of illustration and to push the boundaries of what we know as drawing. Her walkable installations are extended by playful virtual and digital experiences and a bold mix of AR and analogue shapes.


Talk topic
Being passionately drawn to creative work is a feeling most designers and artists can attest to. Taking on the challenge of turning that passion into your full time career is often the next step. Laura Zalenga and Nadine Kolodziey are two of Adobe’s 2018 Creative Residents and were dedicating the last year to such a journey. Learn about the projects they had lined up, the challenges they anticipated and where they wanted it all to go.


The Adobe Creative Residency empowers talented individuals to spend a year focusing on a personal creative project, while sharing their experience and process with the creative community.