"Agile for Creatives" Workshop by Fwends

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Agile is a style of working that has its roots in the world of software development and is now the de facto standard for creating digital products. But the benefits of Agile can be applied to practically all industries and professions, to all projects and products. So, how can you apply Agile principles, values, and methods to creative processes?


In this 120 minute time-crunched, hands-on workshop we explore the opportunities Agile can create in the creative process. We’ll talk (a bit) about what Agile is at its core, what it can do for you (a bit more), and what it is not and cannot do (quite a bit less, because it’s not as exciting).


Whether you’re working with an agile software development team, or you’re a freelancer working on more traditional projects: Agile work principles and methods can unlock new potentials for you, and the people you’re working with. We’ll talk about the role of designers in Agile teams, how working agile changes the client-designer relationship and how Agile concepts can be applied to the everyday life of creators. And even if we’ll be talking a bit, we’ll mostly be building, playing, and sketching to see how Agile can be applied to your work.