aws Creative Impact DAY 2

aws talk: innovation funding for creative impact


The idea that innovation only relates to technology has long been obsolete. The defining term today is impact innovation. The starting point in Austria lies within the creative industries, which aws has been supporting for more than ten years. aws Creative Impact promotes innovative new products and services that have the potential to have a positive social and industry-specific impact beyond company boundaries. The funding supports the development of prototypes and the achievement of marketability.


With this talk, we want to give you an insight into the wealth of ideas and the creative potential of great companies. Three innovators who have been funded by aws Creative Impact talk with Simone Weinbacher-Traun about the funding and their innovations.



9. October 2020, 12:00 – 12:30 Uhr Main Stage, Gartenbaukino


Simone Weinbacher-Traun (aws Creative Impact team) talks with


  • Katerina Sedlackova, WAIBRO (
    With the WAIBROsports project, Katerina Sedlackova entails the development of a navigation belt designed to enable blind and visually impaired athletes to independently practice sports such as cross-country skiing and running.


  • Soeren Lex, Plasticpreneur (
    Plasticpreneur develops and produces small scale and cost-efficient machines and all necessary tools to transform plastic waste into new products.


  • Marie Boltenstern, BOLTENSTERN (
    Marie Boltenstern opened up a niche in 3D jewellery collections printing. The development of a 3D configurator helps to ensure that the entire production process is not only digitized and automated but that the individual steps can also be better interlinked.