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Safety distance


In opposition to the ones complaining about the limits of communication between video conferencing, screen sharing and social separation during the pandemic—the folks at Bleed discovered it wasn’t necessarily a big change, who were already successfully operating in, and between the studios in Oslo and Vienna.


Marc Damm — Senior Designer at Bleed Vienna—offers insights on distance, sparking cross-border cooperations, new projects, and why it sometimes makes sense to take a step back.


Bleed embodies a mix of different cultures and disciplines, and is restlessly questioning conventions on visual language, art, interaction, media and identity. Both studios—Oslo and Vienna—create outstanding and award-winning solutions in the field of graphic design, branding, interaction design, art direction and service design. Titled a »European Design Leader« Bleed earned the trust and unique project opportunities by clients such as CERN, the Austrian broadcasting station ORF, world exhibition EXPO 2020 Dubai and the Norwegian council for arts and culture.