Creative AI – demystified. Can machines think?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is  – without any doubt  – one of the most important technologies in the history of mankind. It is transforming our lives. AI is capable of providing insights from huge amounts of data. Why not use it in creative ways?
Michael Katzlberger (TUNNEL23) and Peter Rathmayr (Google) will try to demystify AI and give useful information on how to use this technology in creative businesses.


Peter Rathmayr


In Google he is responsible for Austria’s leading media, performance and creative agencies and the YouTube / online video business. The acceleration of the YouTube ecosystem in a manner to drive media and business KPIs is his everyday focus. User-centric Marketing with best digital signals available is key for outstanding results.


Michael Katzlberger


Michael Katzlberger is the founder of TUNNEL23. TUNNEL23 is one of the most important and independent Digital Agencies in Austria with a strong focus on innovative display campaigns. The online and mobile work of TUNNEL23 quickly set the standard in the Austrian market and was also picked up internationally.