DMB. // Marcello Demner & Jacky Hamid

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Running blind will get you killed


Everyone is aware of the speed. We are moving faster than ever, and Moore’s Law is proving it right. In essence, everyone started running and the notion is now upon us, that only because you’re fast does not necessarily mean you’ll land first. More importantly, if you don’t know where exactly you’re running chances are you might get lost. Or killed. Change is upon us, but it is becoming clear that those who adapted best to the change without necessarily being first, have prevailed.


Within the rise and the midlife crisis of digitalization, DMB., one of Austria’s most prestigious and well know agencies becomes the poster child to holding on to its roots, its legacy while adopting new technologies into the world it knows best: Building Brands and telling stories.


In this talk, two digital natives trapezing in a traditionalist setting will discuss the renaissance of relevance of substance as well as remembering that even with all technological developments at hand, the communication remains human2human.